Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner- Who Will Win??

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 hosted by Tollywood star king Nagarjuna has started to become the talk of the town ever since the promo has been aired amidst the pandemic. The grand gala, the opening ceremony of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 had seen a hike in TRPs. The makers promised five times more entertainment with all the drama, fights and laughs, already the show has become cauldron of entertainment. In this article we are going to give you a prediction on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner.



The 19 contestants who have entered the house with the hope to win the Bigg Boss 5 title and the prize money which is definitely going to be a bomb. Unlike the first season in the Telugu Bigg Boss series, there is an added advantage to all the contestants, that is they have four seasons to watch and have their game plan designed. All the 19 contestants are giving their 200% to come in the good looks of the Telugu Telivision audience.

This season’s contestants being Siri, Vj Sunny, Lahari Shari, Sreerama Chandra,  Anee master, Lobo, Priya, Jaswanth, Priyanka Singh, Shanmukh, Hamida, Natraj master, Sarayu, Vishwa, Uma Devi, Maanas, Rj Kajal, Swetha, Anchor Ravi seem to have come into the glass house with a strategy to win the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 trophy.

Though all the housemates have watched the previous seasons, the Bigg Boss is an expert in bringing something  new every season and never fails to shock the audience with some unexpected twists and turns. Following these traditions, Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 makers may bring in some wild card entries in the following episodes.

With all the drama and tiff between housemates, the show is planned to complete 106 days following shocking evictions and those who puts their best effort to win the hearts of the viewers will reach the grand finale with Bigg Boss Telugu voting done by the audience to see their contestant as the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 title winner.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner

Who Will Be The Bigg Boss Season 5 Title :

As the show is getting more and more interesting with the heated arguments, funny conversations and heart felt feelings, every one watching the show are speculating the winner of Bigg Boss season 5. And in this article we will look upon the contestants who have a special place in the hearts of the audience and proving their iron to win the Bigg Boss season 5 finale trophy.

Anchor Ravi To Win The Bigg Boss Season 5 title:

The first name to be heard in the winner’s list is of Anchor Ravi.  Already being close to the Television audience, with his shows and anchoring in events, Ravi has a huge amount of fan base when compared to other contestants. Though it is different when it comes to  Bigg Boss house, Ravi seems to play cool and is conjectured to be the winner of Bigg Boss 5.

Ravi is showing his potential in the tasks and is sire to complete 106 days and with the Bigg Boss Telugu voting. Though he knows that the journey is not going to be a bed of roses. He has already been into heated arguments with the fellow contestants though he shares a good equation with the other participants outside the house.

Many of his fans and celebrities are hoping to see Anchor Ravi as the Bigg Boss season 5 title winner but time  has to decide it further.

 ravi to win bb 5
ravi to win bb 5

Shanmukh Jaswanth To Win The Bigg Boss Season 5 Title :

Shanmukh has been the silent player so far but is considered to be in finale race and is a tough competitor. Listening to the current trend and support he got from his recent web series. He has a decent fan base when compared to others. Though he not yet involved in any of the arguments so far. He is keeping his cool and playing the game according to his strategy. He has his own Youtube Channel.

His beauty Deepthi Sunaina is also a known celebrity whose fans may also support him during tough times with Bigg Boss Telugu voting and bring him to the finale.

Shanmukh Jaswanth
Shanmukh Jaswanth

Rj Kajal To Win The BiggBoss  5 Title :

Talking about Rj Kajal though she has been the queen of entertainment as a radio jockey. It has been tough for her as she is over excited to be in her favorite show. She has entered the house by watching every season in all the regional languages. Her recent outbursts during some silly  fights made her fans connected to her and may have won the hearts of many. Her smile even during the tough situations shows that she is a fighter and is contented to lift the finale trophy.

She is already giving tough competition to Ravi at the time of voting. Lets hope that Rj Kajal will win the trophy and stand as the first lady contestant to win the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title winner
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title winner

Priyanka Singh To Win The BiggBoss 5 Title :

Priyanka Singh who has entered the Bigg Boss house as the second transgender woman after Tamannah Simhadri in the previous season. Since day one Priyanka seems to win the hearts with her beauty and behavior in the house with other contestants. The former contestants of the previous seasons has also got her back to support her victory.

Legendary actor and producer Nagababu has given his support in of his social media posts. She has already suffered a lot in her life which she has shared during her conversations with other inmates. She is also a vlogger and has her own channel on YouTube where she has shown her struggles as a transgender.

Hope she wins the Bigg Boss Season 5 title and becomes the first transgender woman to win the trophy. Though the journey is going to be tough for her, she has also expressed her feeling toward Maanas.  Every one on social media admires her beauty, dressing sense and behavior and are becoming her die hard fans and will sure bring her back at the time of evictions with their voting.

priyanka singh to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title winner
priyanka singh to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title winner


Though this is our list of predictions on who will be the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Title Winner,  there may be some inclusions and exclusions depending on the further tasks, and their involvement. Visit our webpage for further updates on Bigg Boss season 5 title winner. Make sure participate in the Bigg Boss Winner Season 5 voting to get better predictions on the same.

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