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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8 : HIGHLIGHTS

Netizens are eagerly waiting for the Monday’s episode since Star Maa has aired the promo. Monday being nominations day, every housemate has their own strategy and has decided on whom to nominate. Bigg Boss is a game of twists and proving this for nth time, Bigg Boss cleverly divided the contestants into two groups. Lets discuss on what happened in the Bigg Boss House Telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8 .



Lahari, Sunny, Jessie, Swetha, Anchor Ravi, Maanas, Natraj master, Rj Kajal and Uma Devi were into one group called team wolf.

team wolf
team wolf


Anee master, Lobo, Priya, Vishwa, Shanmukh, Hamida, Pinky, Priya, Sreerama Chandra and Siri were teamed as team eagles.

team eagle
team eagle


Bigg Boss set a rule that same team members cannot be nominated and contestants should nominate the housemates in the opposite team. This has changed the game entirely.  Captain siri was the first to start the nominations process. She nominated Natraj master and Uma Devi. Natraj master nominated Priya and Pinky. Anne master nominated Uma Devi and Rj Kajal. Sunny chose Priya and Pinky. Pinky nominated Natraj master and Sunny. Vishwa nominated Uma Devi and Kajal. Maanas nominated Lobo and Priya. Lahari nominated Hamida and Anne master. Hamida nominated Swetha and Lahari. Uma Devi nominated Vishwa and Anne master. Lobo nominated Swetha and Ravi. Swetha nominated Lobo and Hamida. Shanmukh nominated Uma and Jessie. Kajal nominated Anne and Vishwa. Priya nominated Sunny and Nataraj master. Jessie nominated Sreerama Chandra and Lobo. Sreeram Chandra nominated Rj Kajal and Nataraj master. Ravi nominated Pinky and Sreeram Chandra.


Nominations bring  the true colors out of the contestants. The reasons given at the time of nominations which seem logical sometimes and sometimes seem silly. Though the game has just stepped into its second week, the nomination process was on blaze. Uma Devi who felt she has been targeted by other housemates fired on those who nominated her. Uma being a senior actor have used unparliamentary language which is against the rules. She fired on Anne master for her reason given while nominating Uma. Uma couldn’t tolerate the over respect and fear shown by many of the housemates. She also pointed Vishwa saying that she was not allowed to share the aloo curry given by Nagarjuna.

uma abuse language in Bigg Boss telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8
uma abuse language in Bigg Boss telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8

It looked ugly using such abusive language on a nation Television show which brings down the image of those who use it. Many of the housemates were shocked. Some of them couldn’t control their laugh on the same.

VIBES VARMA LOOSES HER COOL in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8:

Swetha Varma who is also known as vibes Varma looked at Lobo and Hamida as fake contestants. She bursts on other housemates who has nominated Anee master especially Uma Devi. Swetha Varma yelled at others for not having humanity and saying the same she lost her cool and slapped Hamida while nominating her. She was also rude towards Lobo and threw the friendship band given by him.

All the housemates were against her behavior who gave a lecture on humanity and never showed the same towards Hamida and Lobo. Swetha later apologize to both of them for being rude.

swetha fire in Bigg Boss telugu season 5 episode 9 day 8
swetha fire in Bigg Boss telugu season 5 episode 9 day 8

On the other hand Rj Kajal showed her emotional angle and felt that in the process of impressing the housemates for not getting into nominations,  she has been changing herself which she was not comfortable.

WEEK TWO NOMINATED CONTESTANTS for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 9 Day 8 :

Uma Devi, Natraj master, Rj Kajal, Lobo, Priya, Pinky, and Anne master.


As the voting lines have been open, do vote for your favorite contestants whom you feel correct to stay further in the house. Also visit our Webpage for further updates on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. Do let is know in the comment section below who is right according  to your view.



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