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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights: Celebrations And Failures

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode 6 starts with the discussion on who to share work in kitchen. There were small arguments between the inmates regarding the captaincy task. Siri being the hose captain, shares the work. Priyanka shares her views on Maanas. The new day begins with a beautiful song where all the contestants dance with joy.


Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights:


Bigg Boss house is all set for Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations by decorating the house and everyone were seen in traditional attairs performing pooja and prayed for their good. All the housemates greet each other.

Amidst the celebrations Bigg Boss gives a twist by asking for the best and worst performers for the captaincy task which was to unlock the power room. The viewers were excited to find out the views of the contestants and there happens a discussion which brings heat in the glass house.

Biggboss 5 telugu
Biggboss 5 telugu


There has to be two names, one for the best and one for the worst performer in the task but the housemates seems to come up with multiple names and has variations in their opinions. Lets see who has picked whose names for the same.

Anchor Ravi has selected Lobo as the best performer as he entertained the house and also the viewers.  He has took the name of Jessie as the worst performer. Lobo picked Anne master as his best pick and Jessie as his worst. Jessie picks Siri as the best of course she is the captain of house where she gave her one hundred percent and Ravi to be the worst performer. Swetha selects Vishwa as her best pick and Uma Devi to be her worst pick.

On the other hand Uma Devi picks Vishwa as the best and Rj Kajal as the worst. Captain Siri picks Natraj master as her best and Uma Devi as the worst performers. Vishwa picked Priyanka as the best and Rj Kajal as the worst. Priyanka selects Lobo as the best performer and Uma as the worst performer. Lahari takes the names of Vishwa and Kajal as the best and worst respectively. Anne master picked Priyanka and Jessie as her choices for the best and worst. Sarayu picked Lobo as the best and Jessie as the worst performers.

When counted for the total votes Vishwa has been selected as the best performer of the week and Jessie is taken for the worst performer of the week.

PUNISHMENT TIME in Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 6 Day 5:

As Jessie has been selected as the worst performer of the week who has to be sent to jail according to the Bigg Boss rules. All the housemates taste the celebrations as well as sadness in the same episode.

Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 6 Day 5
Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 6 Day 5


The house becomes heated when the argument starts between pinky and Uma. Uma Devi was seen silly for a fight regarding aloo curry in the previous episode. All the inmates feel Uma Devi as a big mouthed lady already. Carrying forward the negative vibes today’s episode adds fuel to the fire. Priyanka states Uma Devi as rude and attitude behavior person which Uma couldn’t take for granted. There starts a war with words and Priyanka uses the words Shut up unintentionally for which she later apologize to Uma Devi.

priyanka and uma dispute
priyanka and uma dispute


Who according to you is the best and worst performers in the power room task? According to the viewers point of you every one on the social media are opposed to  choose Jessie as the worst performer. Do let us know in the comment section below your views and thoughts regarding today’s episode. Also participate in our voting to let us predict the Title winner of Bigg Boss Season 5.





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