Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30



The game which started with 19 housemates, where 4 of them were eliminated and 15 left in the house. Monday being the nomination day, audience expect heat from the inmates as there were sequence of things effecting the harmony between them. As the promo released was very exciting the viewers were eager to watch the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30 in HOTSTAR.


Unlike the previous weeks nomination process, Bigg Boss followed a different pattern of nominations which was a secret one. Each contestant has to come inside the confession room and nominate two contestants with genuine reasons. As this was not expected by the housemates, they might have changed their strategies.

  •  The process started with Jaswanth. He nominated Ravi as expected which he showed in the weekend episode. Where he commented on Ravi to mind his own business.  Jessie also nominated Lobo as he was the reason Bigg gave punishment to him.
  •  Sunny nominated Priya and stated that there was still some gap in there spaces and Shanmukh as was not trying to mingle with other housemates.
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30
  •  Vishwa nominated Jessie stating that Jessie was disrespectful at the time of tasks and Shanmukh as Vishwa observed a change in his behavior after becoming ration manager.
  •  Kajal nominated Ravi as he nominated her in the previous week and Sunny as it was her strategy.
Big Boss house
Big Boss house

continuing Nomination Process :

  • Lobo nominated Maanas and Shanmukh as they nominated him with silly reasons the previous week.
  •  Priya nominated Hamida who takes every word seriously even when it was not meant to hurt her and Lobo who was not strong contender in the house.
  •  Siri nominated Ravi as he shows more involvement in other’s game, and Hamida who she thinks lost her fire which was there in first weeks.
  •  Ravi nominated Jaswanth because of his immature behavior and Shanmukh who was influencing his group members.
  •  Anne master choose Ravi and Vishwa as they are strong contestants for her.
  •  Shanmukh nominated Vishwa as he was not playing his individual game and is being influenced by others, and Maanas.
  •  Hamida chose Priya and Shanmukh as their behavior was effecting the house harmony.
  •  Swetha chose manas and Kajal because of their strategical game play.
  •  Priya nominated Sunny as they have no bond between them and Shanmukh who was a confused soul.
  •  Maanas voted for Jessie and Shanmukh as they were rude towards him during tasks.
  •  Sreeram nominated Shanmukh and Jessie as they still are in their safe zones.
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30

JESSIE LOCKS HORNS WITH SREERAM in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 30 :

Everyone took the nominations heat seriously as Bigg Boss discloses who was nominated by whom and they seem to have grudge on them. This was clear when Jessie disobeyed the orders of the captain Sreeram when he asked to clean the vessels. Jessie clearly manipulated the words said by Sreeram which was contradictory.  As a result Shannu and Siri were provoked and had an argument with Sreeram.

Everyone supported Sreeram as he was correct in his sense. Shannu bluntly said that he will interfere though he is not aware of what happened. Later this gang of three, Shanmukh, Siri and Jessie were not interested in eating dinner though what they did was wrong they didn’t mean any guilty feeling. Anne master and Sreeram came to them and asked to eat but here they three were showing attitude which the viewers felt bad.

Sreeram and Jessie
Sreeram and Jessie

Shanmukh passed the statement that the housemates will see the real game now as he was nominated by 8 housemates which was shocking. He was warned by Nagarjuna to play the game which was lacking in him.


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