What Happened on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 3- Highlights

One of the popular Television shows Bigg Boss which is now being aired with its fifth season in its series. The glass house has 19 contestants locked inside with cameras all over to capture there very emotion. Currently on their third day, the house was dramatic with witless fights between the ladies in the house over the captaincy task assigned by Bigg Boss the before day. Here is the full details of BiggBoss Telugu Season5 Day 3.



Maanas who unlocks the power room assignes a task for RJ Kajal according to which Kajal can not sleep until unless all the other housemates sleeps. Whereas Lahari, Nataraj master, and a few housmates come together to forty hurdles for their win. The gand decides to being awake all night where as Maanas and Kajal try and request them not to spoil the task but in vain.
The sirens blew disturbing the other housemates which is the result of Kajal breaking the rule. The decision was left pending till the next episode.


Siri who unlocks the power room gives a task to Lobo and Shanmukh where Lobo becomes the laters personal assistant. However the task goes for a toss as they both fsil to perform well and Siri Hanmanth receives a warning from the Bigg Boss to look after the task get going properly.


The inmates witness a dispute between Lahari and Hamida for silly reasons. But the argument ended on a positive note where the two housemates gets emotional for arguing with the other. They both hugged each other and settles the disturbance between them in  BiggBoss Telugu Season5 Day4.
Later Uma Devi exhibits her vigorous attitude to create content in the house for not serving her Aloo curry at the dinner table. Anee master keeps the curry in refrigerator for the next day without serving the other housemates. When Uma Devi finds out the same she argues with Anee master regarding the curry. The drama ends where Anee master appolgise to other inmates for not serving the curry. Kitchen team decides to prepare only one curry for the day so that everyone gets to have it.


Lobo who is known for his humour sense entertains the house as well as the audience by imitating Natraj master, Priyanka Singh, Anne, and Ravi where the housemates laugh heartfully. Apart from the silly disputes among the ladies there is no proper content attained by the makers of Bigg Boss who promised five times the entertainment. Audience hope to get what they are looking for to watch the show further.


Watch this space for further details from Bigg Boss season five, eliminations and predicting the winner of the show. Do comment who is your favorite contestants so far in the Bigg Boss house.

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