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What Happened on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 2 – Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 3 starts with the contestants discussing about the first nominations and state their point of view about their behavior. Priyanka singh shares her ups and downs in her life with the housemates and the bonding between them seems to be bridging. Fresh day starts with a beautiful day where all the contestants dance and hope for the day to be good. Here is the full details of Bigg Boss Season 5.

BigBoss 5
BigBoss 5

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 2 – Highlights

Hamida and Jaswanth sort out the disturbance between them where the other housemates clarify the mistake and bring some lightness to the situation. Meanwhile there happens some discussion regarding the work at kitchen that needs sharing. RJ Kajal and Lahari tries to share good vibes which seems not to be working in the later hour of the day.

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Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5 Day 3Power Room task

Power Room
Power Room

An announcement from Bigg Boss brings all the housemates to the living area and Siri reads it to everyone. Bigg Boss asignes a task in order to unlock the power room where all the housemates try to scan their hand print outside the power room when the sound of thunder is heard. The first one to scan gets the power to give tasks to other housemates. Vishwa bags the first chance to enter the power room and chooses Ravi and Priya to sacrifice their clothes.

BigBoss 5 episode 3
BigBoss 5 episode 3

The situation becomes emotional when Vishwa shares his grief regarding his younger brother’s death. Everyone tries to console him as he wets his eyes. Lobo and Siri makes a prank which misfires a bit. Some of the housemates feel that thats a play with emotions and  makes them understand not to do it again. The second chance to unlock the power room is grabed by Maanas who chooses RJ kajol to do the task of not to sleep untill all the other contestants sleep during night.

Jashwanth and Anne’s Argument

First set of arguments is seen between Kajal and Lahari where the negative vibes were carried since morning. Everyone tries to sort out the issue between them which doesn’t seem to work. Mean while Jaswanth and Anne have a heated argument. Where Jaswanth insults Anne master and both of them raise their voices and create a high voltage drama. Everyone tries to calm them and according to the situation Jaswanth seems to be behaving odd which he later realises and appolgise to Anne master at the end of the episode.


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