bb 5 episode 5

What Happened on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 5 Day 4 Highlights


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 5 Day 4 Highlights

The task that Bigg Boss has given to Kajal is still on go which is being violated by Lahari and Sreeram Chandra who forgets to wake Kajal before getting up and the siren disturbes all the other housemates.  The new day starts with an energetic song andd all the contestants dance. Lobo continues the task and serves as a slave to Shanmukh which generates fun. The housemates share their emotions and tries to develop bond between each other.

Bigg Boss 5
Bigg Boss 5

HAMIDA GRABS THE LAST POWER ROOM TASK in Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 5 Day 4:

The thunder sound buzzes and all the contestants run to access the power room where Hamida grabs the opportunity.  Bigg Boss gives Hamida the power to choose a contestant who can never become captain of the house for the whole season. Though confused Hamida takes the name of Priya and tells the same to the inmates.

bb 5 episode 5
bb 5 episode 5



Priyanka and Lobo tries to make love track and here Priyanka as seen in the previous episode seems to like manas. Lobo proposes Priyanka who rejects the proposal. Priyanka again expresses her feelings towards Maanas. Lobo stands as a good entertainer in the house and cracks some jokes with the other inmates.



Finally on the second day after the power task has begun, Bigg boss declares that the task has ended. The contestants whose has got the power room access are the participants of captaincy task and need to play another game. Those who wins the task will become the first captain of the Bigg Boss house for season five. Hope we have discussed everything that happened in the Bigg Boss 5 . Voting Lines are open so that you can vote for your favorite person.


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