Bigg Boss Telugu 1st week vote

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 1st Week Vote And Eliminations

The most awaited show Bigg Boss Telugu season five entered the first week of the series. Post the grand gala event on Sunday, 19 contestants who have entered the glass house have faced their first nominations. Monday’s episode forey the nomination episode where in six contestants have been nominated. RJ Kajal, Anchor Ravi, Maanas, Jaswanth, Sarayu and Hamida are the six contestants who have tasted the bitterness of elimination. Fans are now excited to see whats in Bigg Boss store for the coming days.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 1st Week Vote And Eliminations


The voting lines to save their favourite contestants are open since Monday night where in the viewers can cast their precious votes until Friday midnight. Voting can be done through missed calls or through Hotstar where the user will be given 10 votes per day which can be used for single contestant or can be split among those nominated.  Names of the nominated contestants have left most of the netizens disappointed which was clearly expressed on the social media. The first week being too early to judge for the nomination process.

Talking about TRPs, seems high as the expectations from the audience have been high. The fact cannot be denied that contestants take time to show case their talents and true colors to the audience. According to the inside reports every contestant has entered Bigg Boss house with their strategy by watching the previous seasons of Bigg Boss in all regional languages. Though they have planed strategies, many of them fail in executing and end up getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 1st week vote
Bigg Boss Telugu 1st week vote

According to unofficial surveys, Anchor Ravi, RJ Kajal, Priya,Vishwa, Shanmukh and Uma Devi have a good fanbase among the social media and have high chances to stay in the house for long. As it is too early yet to figure out the strongest contestants,  audience must wait for a couple of weeks. As per the unofficial voting done online, Anchor Ravi and RJ Kajal are in the leading positions til now. Sarayu, Hamida, Maanas, and Jaswanth seems to be in danger zone.

Viewers need to wait and watch for 3 more episodes to know who gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Stay tuned for latest updates to know regarding the first contestant eliminated in season five.

How to vote for Telugu Bigg Boss season five :

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 1st Week Vote Hotstar voting:

# Download the Hotstar app using your mobile number or email id.

# Search for Bigg Boss telugu season five.

# You will find the vote button beneath the heading. You have 10 votes to cast.

# you can see the nominated contestants where you can cast your vote for your favourite contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 1st Week Google voting:

# search telugu Bigg Boss Telugu vote season five.

# You will find the list of nominated housemates. Click on your favourite contestants to save them from eliminating.

# Click on the submit button. You have 50 votes per day using your gmail account.

Telugu Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting through missed cals:

# call the number assigned to the nominated contestants and you will be automatically disconnected.

# This is considered as one vote.

  • RJ Kajal: 8886658217
  • Ravi: 8886658219
  • Maanas: 8886658216
  • Jaswanth: 8886658208
  • Sarayu: 8886658213
  • Hamida: 8886658211

Vote for your favourite contestants and save them from eliminations. Stay tuned and visit this space for latest updates regarding the Bigg Boss Buzz, nominations and eliminations.

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