Sunny and Manaas in power room

Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24 Highlights : Hungry House



Every one out there thinks Bigg house is a bless to be in, with timely food, facilities and stuff. But this time around Bigg Boss chose something different just for a change. Food has not been given to contestants since two days which made them learn the value of food that they waste every day. Housemates discuss about the same and every one out there are suffering with hunger. Let.\,s discuss about what happened in Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24 in HOTSTAR.

The house has been divided into pairs in the previous episode where tasks have been assigned to those who first gets power room access. Sunny and Maanas were shown discussing the same and were working hard to reduce their total weight. Meanwhile Natraj master was also explaining how important this task is to his pair Lobo.

Housemates Lobo, Ravi, Natraj master, Vishwa, and Priya perform a skit which was message oriented not to waste food.


Though Bigg Boss has ordered captain Jaswanth not to give food to housemates, Lobo has been fed where Bigg Boss felt Jessie has been a failure. So he decided to punish him as well as his pair Kajal by removing them from the task. They can just act as sanchalak for the tasks. They felt bad for being a part of captaincy task and Jessie fired on the housemates for being irresponsible.

Ravi and Vishwa gets the power room access this time and they chose Priya and Priyanka for the next task which was to break the wooden logs. Vishwa and Ravi broke more obviously as they are stronger. Pinky and Priyanka gave a very tough fight which needs to be appreciated.

Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24
Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24


Lobo who was hungry since two days went to search for food in the dustbin cover which Ravi saw and warned him not to do such acts. When Natraj master came to know about this and he said to eat food sent by Bigg Boss.

NEXT POWER ROOM ACCESS in Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24:

The next power room access was gained by Sunny and Vishwa who chose Natraj master and Lobo as their opponents. They gave a perfect reason for choosing them, as Lobo has been weak without food and is unfit for physical tasks and this being a mind game Natraj and Lobo duo would have an advantage.

Sunny and Manaas in power room
Sunny and Manaas in power room


The task was an easy one in which Bigg Boss sent a few items. Which when immersed in water will float or sink need to be guessed by the contenders and who guesses correct for more number of times wins.

Sunny and Maanas won this task and half kilo was reduced from their total weight. Nataraj master pair lost it who was added a half kilo to their weight.

Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24
Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24

FEAST TO THE CONTESTANTS in Big Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 25 Day 24 :

Bigg Boss went further to test the patience of the contestants where he sent tasty mutton biriyani to the contestants which they can eat at their own risk. Everyone except Siri- Shanmukh, Sreeram – Hamida and Sunny – Maanas controlled their hunger pranks and seemed to be dedicated to the task. Natraj master was shown not having food though his pair Lobo had his stomach full.

Big Boss sent mutton biryani to Housemates
Big Boss sent mutton biryani to Housemates


Follow this space to know more about Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 updates and who won the task and who stood as the actual captaincy contenders for the fourth week. Do let us know what you think of today’s episode in the comment section below. Vote for your favorite contestants and make them stay for longer inĀ  the Bigg Boss house.

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